Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to enter a tournament and how much money can players win?

Renaissance gaming Inc. offers a variety of tournaments withdifferent entry fees.Users must register on the website. Winnings also vary depending on what type of tournament you compete in. renaissance gaming Inc. offers a wide variety of tournament pay out structures. For more information on the different types of pay out structures visit the tournaments registration page

What types of games/tournaments does offer and how do prizes work?

Head-to-Head and Direct Challenges Players compete against other players in a 1vs1 competition. The rules and regulations are set by renaissance gaming Inc, any one that does not follow the rules will be disqualified. The winner takes the prize. Multiplayer Tournaments renaissance gaming Inc. offers major multiplayer tournaments for all games available on the site. All users can view these tournaments in the tournaments section and register to play. These tournaments range in size from 4 to 64 players and offer Huge Jackpots and Payouts! These tournaments are large single-elimination or double elimination tournaments. A fee is required to enter and play the first round, but all subsequent rounds are free. Single-eliminationis a multi-player competition in which the winners’ advances to the next round, and the losers are eliminated from the tournament.double elimination tournamentsis a type of elimination tournament competition in which a participant ceases to be eligible to win the tournament's championship upon having lost two games. Prizes will be generally awarded after the tournament, These tournaments will go on until one team survives a set number of rounds and all other players have been eliminated.

What are the Official Games featured at and what systems are they on?

This is a “Bring your own controller” event. You are responsible for having a controller or arcade stick that is legal for tournament play on you at all times during your pools. Lending your device out and not having it on you when your name is called is not a valid excuse, and you will be given a loss if this occurs.

What monitors will rengaming be using?

Asus VE248 monitors are used throughout for all of our featured games, except for Smash 4. For Super Smash Bros. Melee, we will be using a variety of CRT monitors.

I was not able to register online before the deadline. What can I do?

We will be taking onsite registrations on ---------. For those tournaments that are running on ---------, registration for those particular games will end one (1) hour before the tournament begins. But those registering at that time will not be seeded and will be placed in the most convenient space available. In applicable, registration fees on Saturday will be much higher, at the sole discretion of rengaming staff.

Will I be able to take pictures or film video?

You will be able to take pictures at your own leisure. Filming video of streamed matches is not allowed. If clarification is needed, contact any staff member throughout the weekend.

Will there be casuals?

AS the tournament progresses, we will be opening up stations for free play as they become available.

Are there none tournament activities?

There always non tournament activities, Cosplay event, best modd competition, etc

Will there be vendors at the tournament?


I entered into a multi player tournament, how do I find out when my scheduled game time is?

Upon entering the venue you will have to be scanned in and all schedule matches will be posted on the screens in brackets all around the venue and will be announced throughout the venue. Some events we will have a pager system that will notify you that you are next in line

What will happen if my opponent does not show up to the scheduled multi player tournament match?

If your opponent does not show up to a scheduled Tournament match then you will automatically receive advance into the next round of the Tournament. We will extend the wait time at least 5 minutes AFTER the start time of your match. We will show this courtesy because of the fairness and spirit of gaming.

How does Renaissance Gaming Inc combat cheating?

We have a Team constantly monitors games and immediately investigates all reports of cheating. Any one, any team or team member found cheating will be disqualified and ask to leave the premises.

What consoles and games are available for game play at the tournaments

At our tournaments we use numerous consoles that stretches from new generation in gaming for example: Xbox 360 and Xbox 1, PlayStation 4,and the Nintendo Wii U, to the old school like Nintendo game cube. We also carry numerous titles that will be played throughout our tournaments such as call of duty Black ops 3, UFC, gears of war , halo , guitar hero, fight night , FiFa, street fighter, madden, and many more titles.

What tournaments are available?

Click on tournaments Page and you will see all available tournaments.

Does it cost money to register?

Yes you have to register for the tournaments and that registration fee varies base on tournament

Is the site safe? Secure?

es it is safe and secure because we only uses secure payment systems built using the latest encryption techniques, and safety measures to guarantee transaction security. Renaissance gaming Inc guarantees that every transaction made on our website is secure. We uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption connections for all passwords and financial information. Any sensitive information sent to our servers is encrypted meeting the highest security standards for online financial transactions.

What payment methods are available?

We accept all major credits (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), US Debit checking cards, or through PayPal.

What are the social networking features available on the site?

Renaissance gaming Inc. has itsown member section on site that you can set up an account with you and your clan or friends and interact with each other and monitor your points that leads towards our league. On everyone will get their own dedicated profile page. These profile pages are equipped with comment boards, friend's lists, personal interests, etc. This is where our community of gamers can gather and share their gaming experience on From this page users can quickly jump to their friends profile pages or scope out competition jump to game lobbies or check out the latest gaming news.

I Have Forgotten My Password ning?

click on sign in and click the link that says click here to reset password

Do You Sell My Personal Information?

No, we do not sell your email address or any of your personal information to any third parties. All information you give us will be treated confidentially.

Is Playing Videogames For Money Legal?

Challenge between individuals is not illegal in most jurisdictions. It is each player's responsibility to acquaint themselves with the legal aspects gaming in their own jurisdictions.

My Favorite Game Is Not On

Please send an email through contact us page, and once we have received enough requests for a game, we will add it. Our tournaments are cater to our gamers and everything we do reflects what our gamers want, Thank you.

What Do You Mean By "Skill Gaming" ?

All our games are based on the players' skill as the deciding factor to pick the winner. We do not offer games of chance or casino games where luck can allow you to win, rather it's your own skill at the game you are playing that will allow you to win the cash.

How Do I Contact Customer Services?

Contact us page and choose from the drop down menu and select which area you want to contact

Is It Safe To Use A Credit Card?

Yes, it is definitely safe to use a credit card at The payment systems are industry strength, built using the latest encryption techniques and safety measures to guarantee transaction security. guarantees that every transaction you make at will be 100% safe.

What Currencies Work On ?

At the moment you can register at only in US dollars

Can I send email to other members?

After you register at, yes you can send email to one another through the member section